Reviews and Suggestions for Choosing the Right Side x Side ATV

Tips for Buying a Used Side by Side ATVs

A Side by side ATV offers numerous opportunities for function and entertainment. Many people purchase used ATVs and entertainment vehicles in order to save money and avoid the need for financing. The downside to used recreational vehicles is that, like a car or truck, they might not have been cared for properly. By following a few tips for used ATV purchases, you can avoid buying a poorly maintained or problematic vehicle.

Start with Common Sense

Never buy a recreational vehicle sight-unseen. When you do look at the vehicle, ask that it be removed from the storage location so you can see it in bright light or sun. Look for missing parts and above-normal wear and tear. If the tires, seats and outside accessories are in poor condition, it is doubtful the inner machine was maintained any better. Be especially on the lookout for untreated rust spots and visible cracks in the body.

Perform Basic Mechanical Checks

Apply any checks you would do on a used car. Check the oil. Turn all lights on and off. Look at the engine and parts. Dirty or oily engines can indicate past or future trouble. Ensure the air intake areas are free from debris and moisture. Look on the ground where the machine is housed for signs of fluid leaks.

Test Drive the Side By Side ATV

Start the engine while it is cold to ensure there are no starting problems. Check to make sure the owner has not warmed the engine up before your arrival by placing your hand near the motor to test for heat. Put the machine through assertive paces, but avoid anything that might offend the owner. You want to ensure the ATV is up to your requirements without chancing damage since you have not decided to purchase it yet.

Talk to the Owner

Have a real conversation with the owner and ask questions about the vehicle. You want to find out how it was used and treated. Ask why the vehicle is for sale, what maintenance schedule was followed and how the owner liked the ATV. Most recreational vehicle enthusiasts will be glad to share this information with you, so a closed-mouth owner might be a sign of something suspicious.

Stick to a Well Known Manufacturer

Don’t let your eagerness to own an ATV keep you from making the mistake of buying a poor or unknown brand. Do your research and make sure that the brand of ATV you are buying has a solid track record of building a solid vehicle. Stick to purchasing an ATV made by one of the major ATV manufacturers. We have provided a list of the top ATV manufactures below.
side by side atv

Top Side By Side ATV Manufacturers

Arctic Cat

Although a poor ATV purchase may not cause as many headaches as a poor car purchase, you can avoid most hassles through careful observation and asking the right questions. A used side by side ATV can be a major purchase, and should be approached accordingly.