Reviews and Suggestions for Choosing the Right Side x Side ATV

The Different Types of ATVs

Recreational vehicle enthusiasts know not all ATVs are created equal. The difference in ATVs helps explain the constant swap and sale activity occurring on the used ATV market. There is always a model with different accessories, abilities or power to try. If you are purchasing your first ATV, you need to understand the different types of vehicles in order to find the right one for whatever work or play use you intend.

Side by Side ATVs

Side by Side ATV
The side by side ATV is the offspring of a recreational vehicle and a small car. Imagine a golf cart on steroids, with larger motors and ATV-type suspensions. These vehicles are used on large farms, camps, wildlife preserves and in rural communities. Various designs make different side by side ATVs perfect for carrying people or cargo. Farmers might haul produce and recreational areas might use the vehicles to transport disabled persons up trails.

Utility ATVs for Work and Play

Utility ATV
The most common types of ATV fall under the utility category. Often used by hunters and those in agriculture, these vehicles are designed with heavy lifting and off-road transport in mind. Most utility vehicles come with a variety of accessory options so they can be customized for specific tasks, just like a side by side ATV. Front-mount racks are popular options for hunters because they can be used to carry a deer or other animal.

Utility ATVs often serve dual purposes as functional and recreational vehicles. They make great off-road machines, although their size and weight does not always make them great for jumping.

Sport ATVs for Racing and Jumping

Sport ATV
Sport ATVs are the fast-paced siblings of utility vehicles. They are lighter and maneuver better than side by side atvs due to their smaller size. New ATV buyers often make the mistake of purchasing a lightweight sport vehicle for work. Sports vehicles are designed with flexible suspensions and body parts made for speed and agility. They do not hold up well when used for heavy-duty work. These ATVs are used primarily for recreational and professional racing. They are also great for jumping and some basic off-road excursions.

Specialty ATVs

Side by Side ATV
There are a variety of ATVs produced for specialty markets. The most prominent of these markets is youth ATVs. These vehicles are smaller and more manageable than their big-brother side by side ATV counter parts. Youth ATVs come with additional safety protocols and offer very little in the way of power. Many people use these vehicles as a way of introducing recreational riding to children.

When purchasing ATVs, you should buy the item that matches your need. Obviously, you would not buy the biggest side by side ATV for your ten-year-old. You should review the ATV closely, read reviews and test drive it to ensure it will meet your needs. Obviously we prefer and recommend and the side by side atv as it can be used for business and pleasure.

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