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What Exactly is a Side By Side ATV?

Side By Side ATVs or commonly known as Side x Sides and are possibly the most all around All Terrain Vehicles available on the market today.  You may have also heard them referred to as UTVs, Side X Side ATVs or even Rhino’s.  However, Rhino’s are actually a particular model that is produced by Yamaha.

The appearance of a Side by Side ATV tends to resemble a golf cart but perform more like a sport quad.  Besides looks, SxS ATVs can carry several people like some golf carts, however, unlike the golf carts, these ATVs can move very fast and can go off road just about anywhere.

If you feel intimidated by an SxS ATV and are afraid to drive one, go ahead and relax because driving one of these off-road monsters is very similar to driving a standard transmission truck or jeep.  You will find the very familiar steering wheel with the 3 basic pedals which are clutch, gas and brake.

In some places you will find that these ATVs are actually considered street legal as long as they meet all the requirements.  This could mean having the correct lights, turn signals, safety equipment, etc.  They would be an easy way to get around town. Some towns allow these types of ATVs to be registered as street legal provided they conform to all requirements, including but not limited to lights, signals, registration tags, and other items for safety.

Tips for Purchasing a Side By Side ATV

When looking for a side by side all terrain vehicle, be sure to read many reviews on the types that you are interested in.  This can be a great way in helping you choose the right brand and model for the specific type that meets your needs.  Whether it be for work or for fun, you want to make sure the ATV or UTV (utility terrain vehicle) has everything you are looking for.

Depending on how you plan to use your side x side ATV or UTV will affect which model you will want to choose.  If you plan on using it for hunting or for running trails, you will need to make sure that the ATV has enough ground clearance to avoid hitting large stumps and rocks.  Typically, the majority of Side By Side ATV vehicles are fairly low the ground.  However, you can add bigger tires or add a lift kit to gain the extra needed inches to meet your clearance requirements.Side by Side ATV

It’s greatly recommend that anyone looking to purchase a Side by Side should try to get a little riding experience first before making the decision to buy one.  This will help you get an idea of how each model performs and what exactly you are looking for and like best about each model.

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