Reviews and Suggestions for Choosing the Right Side x Side ATV

ATV Safety Tips

The number of ATV riders who flaunt basic safety protocols is surprising. Since 2001, national statistics estimate that over 100,000 emergency room injuries per year are attributed to ATV accidents. Even side by side ATVs can be dangerous when operated recklessly. Here are some tips for enjoying your side by side ATV in safety.

Keep Everything inside the Vehicle

Side by side ATVs usually have open cabins. This means there are no doors or side windows to confine arms and legs to safety. Drivers and passengers should keep all appendages inside the roll bars to avoid injury during a roll or collision. Having an arm or a leg outside the vehicle during a crash could result in broken bones and even worse you might lose an appendage. Just keep everything inside and secure. Its best to use a safety harness to make sure you are kept securely in the roll cage.

Keep Out of Traffic

Although these ATVs may look more like cars than their sportier siblings, they are not meant for lengthy travel on paved roads. Long runs on pavement can damage tires and suspensions set up for off-road use. Side by side ATVs are also not designed to maneuver safely in traffic. You should only cross paved or public roads when necessary and at safe spots. ATVs are not built to withstand the impact of a crash with a 4 ton vehicle. So stay out of the road at all costs.

Dress Appropriately

Safety equipment for side by side ATV use is not as extensive as the equipment necessary for racing ATVs or utility vehicles. You should follow the dress guidelines in the owner’s manual for your vehicle for best safety measures. One of the important piece of equipment that you will need is a helmet. We recommend that you wear a DOT certified helmet whenever operating a side by side ATV or even if you are just a passenger.

Side by Side ATVs are not Toys

Monitor children when they are riding in a side by side ATV. Make sure they remain seated and are wearing appropriate clothing. If seat belts are present, make sure they are properly buckled. Avoid allowing children to operate the vehicle. A side by side ATV is in essence a small vehicle. A good rule of thumb is to only allow people with a drivers license to operate the ATV.

Use Common Sense

Side by side ATVs are made for off-road use, but they do have limits. Do not take your ATV on trails that are too challenging for it or drive it above safe speed limits on trails. Practice safe driving techniques, watch for obstacles in the road or trail and be aware of other ATV drivers around you. You must also be aware of nature while out on the trail. Wildlife is all around us and you want to make sure nothing jumps out in front of your ATV while speeding through the woods. Always stay sharp and alert when operating your side by side ATV.

Never Drink and Drive

side by side atvOperating a side by side ATV under the influence of alcohol or any other drug is extremely dangerous and can result in major injury. You should also not operate an ATV if you are taking medication with side effects of drowsiness or other impairments that inhibit your ability to operate heavy machinery. ATV’s can be a lot of fun, but they can also be very dangerous in the wrong hands. In addition to ensuring that you never drive an ATV under the influence, it is also good to note that you should never ride as a passenger with a driver that is under the influence. Its a lot safer to walk home then risk your life riding shotgun with a drunk driver.

ATVs can be of great assistance in agricultural work or hunting. They can also be fun for the entire family. Observing a few basic safety rules reduces the likelihood your family will end up in the emergency room with injuries from your side by side ATV.