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Side By Side Maintenance Tips

Whether you purchased a side by side ATV for work or play, a consistent and complete maintenance program will keep your vehicle performing over time. ATVs of any type should be treated like a car when it comes to care. The better you take care of your ATV the longer it will last you. Any machine with an engine, belt and oil needs to be driven regularly and serviced to reduce the need for repairs and avoid deterioration. Here are some things every side by side ATV owner should do to maintain their vehicle.

Side by Side ATV Maintenance

Fluid Levels

• Check fluid levels and viscosity. Just as your car performs poorly if the oil is a black sludge, your ATV needs clear oil and proper fluid levels for engine coolant. Failure to maintain quality fluid at an appropriate level can result in engine lockup.

side by side ATV

Brake Pads

• Maintain brake pads and brake area. You avoid launching your car off a steep incline by ensuring brakes are in working order. Since you might take your side by side ATV into wooded or rocky situations, you want to be sure you can stop it when necessary.

Side by Side ATV Tires

• Make sure tires are filled appropriately and wheels are stable. This includes checking the air pressure in tires, inspecting lug nuts and removing debris from the wheel and axle areas. You also want to make sure you have a decent amount of tread on each tire. If you don’t have proper tread, the ATV will not be able to grip the terrain and keep you moving forward. Tires are like the feet of a side by side ATV. If they are not cared for, you do not get where you want to go.

Moving Parts

• Inspect all moving parts such as levers and clutch. Remove obstacles, ensure everything is well oiled and always be aware of malfunctions with moving parts. If something does not seem right while you are driving the side by side ATV, you should check it out as soon as possible. Driving over a long period of time when a repair may be necessary can increase the damage.

A side by side ATV is a large purchase. No matter whether the ATV is required for your business or is a leisure vehicle, keeping it in good repair protects your purchase and extends the life of the ATV. A well-maintained ATV is also safer to operate. So please always make sure to take good care of your side by side ATV.

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